Part 3.2: Creative Content

Rich Media Ads

  1. Promotion

We decided to promote this through Instagram because it is our smallest followed social media platform. The plan for this ad is to have individuals repost and tag us to track those who are active in the promotion. Having them repost allows their followers to see our post and gain interest in our promotion to participate. After reposting, the individual is to go check out and subscribe to our list to get the latest updates on Olly’s progress. Having them visit our website will hopefully have interested them in reading through information and learn more to build future interest to buy the product.

Our Goal is to gain more followers through Instagram and drive more users to our sites to subscribe as well as to stay updated with Olly and send them future offers on the product to get them one step closer to purchasing.

While planning this promotion, many factors came into effect, we wanted something that would not only help drive individuals to our website, but we also wanted something that would promote our new social media (Instagram). The promotion of a paid trip to Orlando, Florida to meet Olly became an idea due to the cost. Olly will be at BlueTooth World regardless and with the team traveling there and adding two winners would be considered a business write off. A trip to anywhere is always a treat; however, finding a way to make this benefit us was important. As Instagram was our weakest follower base, we needed to improve this, although we would possibly have more interest if this were posted on our Facebook page Instagram will give us what’s needed. Having Individuals repost our posts will allow us to expand to a market we currently didn’t have and let people see Olly for the first time. The post doesn’t say anything about what Olly can do because we want people to be curious about why they would want to meet Olly in the first place. This will drive them to our site to answer the curiosity they now have to discover what Olly is, as they’re already on our site and have followed the first two steps it’s now easy for them to complete all three stages.

We predict with this promotion to raise our Instagram follows up by 30% we believe this because our followers on Instagram is a moderate amount and with many who will not be interested. We believe the views who do share this post will most commonly have individuals on their social media who share the same interests. This is why we feel 30% is a realistic number. We expect 20% Follow through to our site and 13% to sign up and fully participate in our promo. These figures are extremely low but being a new company, many have not heard of Olly, and with other products out there, individuals may feel that what Olly offers is nothing special.  As competitors are in the marketplace now, and sellable product we know we’ve lost a part of our market.



Want to win a chance to see Olly in action in Orlando, Florida at the 2017 Bluetooth World Convention?

Of Course you do. It’s simple just follow these steps:

  1. Share one of Olly’s post & Tag us
  2. Check us out @
  3. Subscribe

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.43.07 PM.png

That’s all it takes to enter for an all-expenses paid trip to meet Olly.

Part 3.1: Banner Ad Justifications

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.04 PM.png

c. The goal for these banners is to drive individuals to our social and landing pages to discover more about what Olly is capable of. Highlighting the Idea that Olly is capable of interactions, having different comments Olly can make in the banner gives the viewers a small taste of what Olly can do and how it can benefit their lives in a positive way. This will drive them to our landing page to view more content and information on Olly.

d.We wanted to keep the tone of the message fun and to drive curiosity, this is where we decided to have Olly interact as if he/she is talking directly to you. These messages are more personal which can help drive the views to our site. Having two calls to action with a landing page and social was important, having what we believed to be the most important information at the top and bottom. What Olly we felt was an important headline because it will drive curiosity of what exactly is Olly and with our call to action at the bottom we feel they will take the curiosity from the headline and follow our calls to action.

e. Our planning process for the banners is to attract the attention and the interest of the target market. We tried to make this campaign attractive to individuals with vibrant colours and different saying inside each advertisement. This was strategically designed to draw the individuals eye to the banner and automatically know, based on the colours, that this is Olly. Using the quotes within the banner gives the audience the opportunity to see what Olly is capable of and the sorts of questions it asks personally.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.45 PM.png

c.The goal for this section of banners is to drive individuals to visit our social media page as well as our landing page to find out more about Olly. We have 4 panels that indicate that Olly is a robot; however, suggests that he is much more than just a normal robot. The last banner suggests in the individual having the robot, they feel it can be useful to them after visiting our page and decide to make the purchase of a product thats going to help make their lives easier.

d. We wanted the tone and the message for these banners to be both personable to the individuals as well as unique to capture their attention. We wanted to introduce Olly to the consumers as more than just the average robot; we wanted to show them how it works and gives individuals the option to meet Olly through this campaign. Olly is demonstrated as Artificial Intelligence; therefore, we decided to stick with the same call to action as the first campaign which was to create a consistent flow and a pattern that people will automatically recognize as soon as they see these advertisement, and know that it is Olly the robot.

e. Our thought process while designing these banners was the same as with the first set of banners with the vibrant colours to attract the attention of the individuals. We’ve kept this colour schema identical in each banner so that out target market knows what the company is without having to read anything on the advertisement; they know it is Olly just by seeing the colours on the banners. We also wanted to try and influence the individuals and our demographic by letting them know that Olly is not just another robot, it has features like nothing they have ever seen before as well as being personalized that is is going to be their new favourite robot. This creates curiosity for the viewers what wanting to know who Olly is and what it can do for them in their everyday lives.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.36 PM.png

c. The goal for the third section is to still to drive individuals to our social and landing page on our site to find more about Olly. With the campaign of “What Will You Ask?“; We feel that it will once again drive curiosity to our audience to think “What can I ask?“ which will then lead them to researching and discovering more about what Olly is experienced with. We want to keep this short with content to have the audience searching for more.

d. Throughout this campaign, we decided that we wanted the tone/message to be more fun and still unique similarly like the others; however, also keeping it simplistic and professional. Each banner asks the same question to leave the individuals wondering what kind of questions they are able to ask Olly, but is displayed on different colours. We wanted them to think positively when seeing these banners, which is why we continued with the same colours and added bubbles for texture.

e. During this campaign, our thought process was simple; what would you ask Olly? These banners were intended to drive curiosity from our target market and individuals who are possibly viewing these banners for the first time and don’t know what this is advertising. It leaves them wanting to know more and keeping them on edge continuously thinking about who they are and remembering the colours and patterns. Asking the question “What Will You Ask” opens up the possibility for consumers to ask any question they want to know and leaves it to Olly to answer it for them, demonstrating what it does and how intelligent they are.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.58 PM.png

c. Our goal for this last section of campaigns was to drive our audience to our social media pages and our website to subscribe and or purchase Olly. “Find Yours” is what we hope will attract and steer our audience to visit our page to make the final purchase and finally take home their own custom Olly.

d. Within this final campaign, we wanted to create a tone and message that is amusing, playful, fun and even more unique than all the other campaigns for our demographic. Since it is the last campaign, we wanted to make our target market and the individuals who have been researching, following and interested in Olly from the very start of the first campaign. They would understand the amusement in the campaign since that’s how it was from the beginning. Creating texture again with these banners, similarly as with the third campaign; however, making it more powerful and focusing more on the product to be purchased since consumers should already be aware of what this robot is capable of and the many possibilities Olly can do for them.

e. While designing this final campaign, we wanted the banners to be the most fun and appealing to the eye as possible since it is the last one. We incorporated “Find Yours” within the campaign to advise the consumers to get their Olly as soon as they can so they can start enjoying its artificial intelligence now; to make it personalized to themselves and eventually making it become a-custom to their everyday patterns and things they do.  At this time with the last campaign, our consumers would be at the purchasing point of the stage; therefore, we are telling them to find theirs. Since the first two campaigned had information and text about what Olly is and what it can potentially do, we have slowly removed the information regarding what Olly is in hopes that target market knows what Olly is at this point and is willing to purchase one.

Part 3: Blog Post

Blog Post Planning

The planning of our blog post started by building a time line from end to beginning.  To even start that process, we needed to figure out the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY of our audience and of Olly, itself.

To successfully reach our target audience in the blog post, we had to come to a consensus of who are target audience is. Once figuring out our target audience (males and females 18-34) it leads us to what tone, voice and style we wanted to use while creating our blog to successfully reach and speak to them.  The tone, voice and style that we used to reach the target audience was using a witty and informative approach. By using this approach, we are able to get our main facts about Olly in a creative way and keep the interest of the reader long enough to direct them to our call to actions.
After we learned our product, we could begin with the objectives we wanted to meet and how we would reach them. The goal of the blog post was to create a “buzz” about the new interactive robot. To create such “buzz”, we highlighted the main, intriguing points about Olly. To create the “buzz” for Olly we decided that highlight the fact that he will interact with you in a personal way, making Olly stand out to the competition.

Next, we decided on what action we wanted the reader to take. Obviously reading our content is one of the primary actions but we want to direct the reader to our main website and our social media pages. Our social media pages will be a gateway to more information about Olly, showing them in more detail of how Olly interacts and they will see the promotion of free shipping there.


After we figured out our audience, the goal, how get the goal across and our call to action, we could begin writing our blog.  Knowing that the digital reader scans content instead of reading word for word, we knew to write in an F pattern and utilize the inverted pyramid- describing what Olly is and a call to action to the website.

Using these elements in our blog post will optimize our web-copy, generating more web traffic, social visits and hopefully more sales.

Meeting Our Objectives

Our content met our objectives by utilizing Olly’s benefits to the reader, creating enough interest for them to click on our CTA of going to our web site and social media pages. We promoted Olly in a way that the reader will believe that the product will be doing him or her a favour if they were to have Olly in their life, filling a void they didn’t know they had.

Another way we met our objective is that we know our audience. Knowing our audience is key to successfully getting the reader to our web page from our blog. Knowing the 80/20 rule (80% of our sales is from 20% of our audience) we wrote in a way that targeted our audience that we create that 20%. To create the 20% we thought that highlighting the “cool” and new benefits had to offer the technology obsessed 18-34.

We wanted to use the “what’s in it for me” approach. By using this approached we wanted use more “you” and not “we” while writing. Using “you” means we are speaking to them and not at them, this makes it more about the reader and less about Olly. This also helps us show the reader that Olly will make the readers life easier and utilize their time in the best way possible.


Want to meet Olly? Come say Hey Olly! And see how Olly introduces himself.

Want to know how Olly can help you? continue reading (  And connect with Olly on Facebook and Twitter pages

Creating these call to actions, we wanted them to meet our goal of visiting our web site and social media pages. To do this, we used short phrases that were action oriented to entice the reader to click on the link.

For each call to action, the reader will know exactly what they should expect when clicking on the link. For example, our first call to action is for the reader to meet Olly, Olly’s catch responds to “Hey Olly” so we thought it would be a creative way to have the call to action as “Want to meet Olly? Come say Hey Olly! And see how Olly introduces himself”. The reader knows that they are simply being introduced to Olly,

Our purpose of our CTAs is to get the reader to learn more and educate themselves on Olly. Because we don’t want to have a too long of a blog to bore the reader, they can continue reading at their own pace, on topics of their interest at Olly’s website.
For our social media, we put social share button at the top and bottom of our blog post. Since our secondary goal was to get the reader to our social accounts, we thought it would be more beneficial to use our website as our main CTA and just use social buttons to connect with Olly via social media.

In-depth Justifications

While writing the blog post for Olly, we wanted to start with the headline and build the copy around the headline. The headline is the what guides the digital reader to continue to read the article, we thought it was important to create a headline that would intrigue the reader to want to learn more.

The headline that we decided to go with is “A robot having a personality isn’t an oxymoron anymore, World, meet Olly”. The way to get your content shared by people on social media, or email forwards, is by creative, quality content. This headline is short and direct, using a witty way to grab the reader’s attention, yet it is still digestible for the reader to understand that they are going to learn about a new product.
After we established what the headline was going to be, we started the web copy. To write the web copy we used an inverted pyramid. Using the inverted pyramid, in the first paragraph we explained what Olly exactly was with a call to action beside it. After the “conclusion”, we briefly outlined who Olly exactly was, followed with how Olly will benefit the reader’s life.


We also wrote the blog post in the F patter. The current digital reader wants to be told where to look, what to read and what to do, writing in the F pattern will allow the reader to scan the most important facts about Olly via bullet points and short staggered paragraphs. The reader should be convinced after scanning our blog post to click on our CTAs and learn more about what interests them about Olly.


We also used a visual in our blog post. The visual that we used was a visual that showed Olly saying “You’ve been sitting here for two hours. Get up and walk a little”, this image is a representation of what we are highlighting to the reader. People process images faster than they do text, having this as our image will tell the reader that Olly has more to offer than you telling him what to do, Olly will help you do things. Our web copy supports our image, going into further explanation on how Olly will get to know your daily habits.

Blog Post:

                      A robot having a personality isn’t an oxymoron anymore     
World, meet Olly.


With all of the interactive robots coming to the market everyday, you’re probably wondering “how can Olly be different?”


Yes, we are all aware of where times are going, first there was Siri then there was Amazon Echo, now there is Olly, your robot assistant with a great personality. Want to meet Olly? Come say Hey Olly! And see how Olly introduces himself.

Olly doesn’t just do your basic voice-command actions, Olly will really get to know you on a whole new level. Olly will start learning your habits, listen to your goals, and help you achieve them!

Sometimes your alarm clock is not enough for you to get out of bed, sometimes you need someone to remind you that you picked up running. Olly will be that friendly voice in your head to motivate you, or at least make you feel guilty enough to get you out of bed.

You are probably wondering a couple things:

  • How does Olly pick up on my daily routine?
  • What type of personality does Olly have?
  • What other benefits will Olly provide me with?
  • Oh, and those privacy issues we all know about.

Olly will pivot while you move around, picking up on your daily routine and yes, since Olly is polite, Olly wants to face you while he(she) speaks to you.
This personality we speak of is how Olly views you, you essentially create the tonality of your “personal assistant”.

  • If you are a curious person, Olly will regurgitate facts for you and share them randomly throughout the day.
  • If you are an unorganized person, with poor time management, Olly will help you organize your life.

Olly’s main priority is you and aiding you throughout your day. Yes, Olly does interact with other people in your household but, they will receive more of a basic response compared to the personalized and well thought out response you will receive.

If you are looking for a more humanized connection than your current robot assistant offers you,
Olly is the best choice for you.

Want to know how Olly can help you? continue reading (  And connect with Olly on Facebook and Twitter pages

Part 2 – Social Media

Social Media Research

Olly Robohub currently has two social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook Olly has 1,880 page follows and 1,867 page likes. After looking through their posts we gather that Olly currently posts approximately once per month on Facebook in 2017. Olly’s twitter account has 1,032 followers. There are large time gaps between tweets, which we assume is why they have low follower interaction.

Platform Demographics Strengths/Weaknesses Olly Robohub
YouTube 18-34 S: Reaches more adults 18-34 than any cable network.

Great for businesses of all budgets.

High shareability.


W: Production effort required. (Time & money to produce videos)



Having a YouTube account is a no brainer for this product. YouTube’s reach combined with quality/length allowance of videos is perfect to provide beautifully produced informational videos about Olly.


Facebook 25-34 S: Mass audience reach in all age groups.

Facebook will promote highly shared videos.


W: Videos must be optimized for mobile.

Short videos have better conversion rates.



Olly currently has a Facebook account, they simply need to be more consistent with their posts.

Twitter Teens


S: Promoting upcoming dates (ex. Launch dates/ promotions).

Brand/Product news.

Short videos.

Interacting with consumers/ customer service.


W: Low conversions.

Not as many users as other platforms.

Not the most optimized for video.



Olly could really benefit from using Twitter more frequently. They could tweet more from an audience perspective or add contests/polls to make their Twitter content more interesting.


Instagram Under 25 S: Growing in popularity.

Great/easy editing tools for businesses on a budget.


W: Majority of the audience is young, however the popularity in other age groups is growing.

60 second video length.



It would be beneficial for the business to have an online presence on this platform, enabling Emotech to produce short creative videos about Olly.


Snapchat 18-34 S: Snapchat influencers are an easy way to promote your business.

Providing incentives has proven to be successful in conversion rates. (ex. Discount codes cause more people to visit site and make purchase)

Good for showing everyday use/ building a brand story.


W: 24 Hour expiration for snapchat stories.

Short Videos.



The brand could use Snapchat very strategically by having influencers and a brand rep use the Olly on a daily basis to create a more personal brand story and connection with the audience.

Google+ Business 18-24


S: Once you have GMB, you have all the other Google resources.

GMB puts you at the top – local search results and google maps.

Adds long term SEO value to your website.

Adds credibility to your business.

Business reviews – increase search rank.



Of course, any business should have a GMB account as it is the gateway to success amongst all other platforms connected with Google.



Emotech’s product is highly advanced and can be presented differently on all of these platforms. Facebook and Twitter are perfect for showcasing the product’s features, upcoming dates, news, events and brand information.

We conclude that Olly should branch out to Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Instagram can offer to showcase up to 60 second videos or slideshows of the Olly unit, as well as pictures, live stream and stories.

YouTube allows Emotech to post high quality product videos staging the features and technological design. YouTube has the highest reach of any platform besides Google so of course it would benefit Emotech to produce videos for YouTube.

Snapchat is one of those platforms where you have to be present at all times, but there is a way around that. Snapchat is known for having influencers review products for brands. If Emotech wanted to have a presence on Snapchat, they could send PR packages to influencers who have a high fan base and ask them to use and review their product on their channel. Another great use for Snapchat is advertising. Now that Snapchat offers ads, Emotech could create micro-commercials to be played on Snapchat. These mini ads have actually proven to be successful because a call to action can take the customer to a direct landing page for purchasing the product.


Facebook Posts

Facebook Post Criteria
1. Product Information

















Planning Criteria:


Audience Consideration: 25-34

Facebook Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 250 characters

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– To create awareness for Olly Robohub Product

– To increase customer counts on Facebook

– To reach the intended demographic

– Increase web traffic




The goal of this post is to build awareness of the Olly Robohub product. The intention of this post is to provide information about how the product works in coordination with a person’s daily life. This first post is the foundation for the content of the next two posts.




The content of this post is to introduce Olly in a realistic everyday environment. Our target market is busy and needs help keeping track of appointments, schedules and everything that’s going on. Olly can also act as a motivator for any type of goal the user is trying to achieve. This post is a little lengthier than 250 characters but it’s justified by the purpose of the post. The post also includes a link to the website so that the reader can directly find out more information about the product.

2. Engage/Interact with Customers


























Planning Criteria:


Audience Consideration: 25-34

Facebook Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 250 characters

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– To generate user interaction

– To initiate customer interaction

– To foster and encourage customer feedback

– To keep Olly relevant in the minds of customers

– To reach first-time customers and increase sales



The goal of this post is to encourage customer interaction with Olly’s Facebook page by giving them an incentive of “No Tax & Free Shipping”. Olly is a very unique type of technology, so people may be hesitant to try it. By offering a promotion to reduce costs it may be more appealing to make the purchase.



This post lets the readers know that this robot is coming soon and they have a chance to get one of their own with a little participation. People like to feel a sense of belonging and that their opinions are heard by the brand. In this post, we encourage our followers to send a message about how Olly can improve their life, letting them know that we care what they have to say and we will reward them for telling us. This post follows the general Facebook post guidelines of being 250 characters or less and including an image and call to action “send message” button.

3. Create Awareness / CTA
























Planning Criteria:


Audience Consideration: 25-34

Facebook Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 250 characters

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– Create awareness for Olly Robohub

– Drive traffic to the website

– Reach first-time users and increase sales

– Initiate customer interaction




The goal of this post is to create awareness for the Olly Robohub product and include CTA’s that will drive traffic to the website.




This Facebook posts incorporates favorable elements such as the Hero Image of the Olly in a relatable environment to the audience. It also includes a link to the website in the comment box where the call to action is to sign up for the newsletter to receive information about the release date. Lastly and most importantly the post includes a snippet of content from the website which includes a headline, description, url and a “learn more” button that links directly to the site.

Twitter Posts

Twitter Post Criteria
1. Product Information



























Planning Criteria:

Audience Consideration: 18-29

Twitter Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 140 characters

– Hashtags

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– To create awareness for Olly

Robohub Product

– Create awareness for Emotech

– To increase customer counts on Facebook

– To reach the intended demographic

– Increase web traffic



The goal of this post is simply to create awareness for the product and the brand. The length of tweets requires you to get to the point so we included a greeting, some facts and a call to action leading to the website. We also included an image that was created for the release of the newest version of the Olly robot.



The tweet is pretty much at maximum length but it’s okay because it includes a link to the website. The call to action is relevant to the goals of the campaign and the purpose of the tweet which is to create awareness for the product and the brand. The image is key in this post because it allows the consumer to visualize the product as if it were right in front of them.

2. Customer Interaction
































Planning Criteria:

Audience Consideration: 18-29

Twitter Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 140 characters

– Hashtags

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– To create awareness for Olly Robohub Product

– To increase customer counts on Facebook

– To reach the intended demographic

– Increase web traffic


The purpose of this tweet is to get customers to engage with the brand.

We decided to use a Twitter based contest/giveaway as the incentive.


We ask the customers to reply to the tweet and they have a chance to win a free Olly. Doing this type of promotion allows our customers to be our influencers/brand advocates because they will be interacting with our account. The winners of the contest are more than likely to engage even more by tweeting about the win and retweeting our future contest announcements. We want to support the customers who advocate for our brand.

2. Drive Awareness / CTA





























Planning Criteria:

Audience Consideration: 18-29

Twitter Considerations:

-Hero Image

– Length: 140 characters

– Hashtags

– Links

Campaign Objectives:

– To create awareness for Olly Robohub Product

– To increase customer counts on Facebook

– To reach the intended demographic

– Increase web traffic



Create brand awareness by introducing a hashtag about the Olly product. Getting followers/ twitter users to use the #OllyExperience hashtag. Increasing email list subscribers with the CTA.



The purpose of this tweet is to create a buzz around the Olly product by using a brand hashtag. Hashtags used the right way can be a great way to let our customers do the talking for us. We also want to increase our email database, so our main call to action is to sign up to get news updates about Olly’s release date. This tweet is favorable to Twitter and Twitter users because it is short (under 140 chars) and includes a hashtag, link and beautiful hero shot image showcasing the product.


Twitter Post Justifications:

Each Twitter post was based off of the content of the Facebook posts. Because of Twitter’s restrictions and guidelines, I changed the content of each post to make them shorter and include key elements that tweets should include.

Post 1:

The original Facebook post included a lengthy explanation of the Olly Robohub because a longer post is acceptable on Facebook when the content is relevant. Twitter’s restrictions limit the text of the post to be 140 characters, so the post was altered to be shorter, but still has the same message. The image from the Facebook post was changed as well because we wanted to include the Emotech logo in the Twitter post to ensure that the brand has recognition as well as the product. Both posts have the same call to action: Learn more at

Post 2:

The Twitter post was altered to create a promotion specific to Twitter. The Facebook posts’ call to action was to ask customers to send Olly a message describing how Olly can improve their daily life. The Facebook contest prize is to receive free shipping and no tax on their Olly purchase. We decided to alter the Twitter contest to make it more exclusive for our Twitter audience. The Twitter contest requires the customer to actually reply to our tweet with their reason why Olly would benefit their life, with a chance to win a free Olly (for only 5 people). Seeing as this promo would cost a lot more money, we chose to keep it at only 5 winners. We also wanted to make this Twitter contest different because Twitter is a better platform for quick responses/retweets (exposure)/ brand advocates. Our goal with these contests is to get our customers interacting with us, but also to nurture their influence on their own followers about Olly and the Emotech brand.

Post 3:

The last Twitter post is very similar to the original Facebook post because it contains the same call to action: Sign up at to find out when Olly will be released for purchase. This post was shortened to meet the requirements of Twitter. We also added a hashtag to create awareness for Olly. Our goal is to get our hashtag trending on Twitter.

Part 1 – B: Questions 1-3

Home Page:


The style that was used for the designing of the website was kept simple and relatively clean in terms of being cluttered with mass amounts of text. This home page features a large image of Olly in the middle of the content to help familiarize the viewer with the product. The colour scheme of the website is kept the same the whole way through including a blue background, white foreground and simple black text. The use of bright colours was kept to a minimum because the focus is meant to be on Olly. The only bright colours used are those of the logo that is seen in the top left corner throughout every page of the site. The copy on the home page is intended to introduce the reader to Olly and what the product can do for them. There is a list utilizing bullets to help readers with scannability, and providing them with the important information about the product straight up opposed to making them search through a paragraph for it. The large image was also used to help with scannability as well as brand awareness and retention. People remember images better than just plain text. Using a large image as the focal point of the page allows readers to have something to associate Olly with when reading through the content.


Set Up & Support Page:


The background and layout of the home page was used when designing the Support page. There are no images used within this page, simply text. However, the text that this page includes utilizes large headings, bullet points, as well as the ‘“F” pattern. Images were not used throughout this page because the intent of the page was to provide information to the consumer specifically about help, hence why they would be visiting a support page. Images are not necessarily beneficial to this page, especially since the text that is used is not heavy and time consuming to read.


Customer Reviews Page:


The content of this page will be solely based off of user generated content, in the form of customer reviews. The reviews included on the page currently are intended to give users an idea of what they could potentially post within the page and encourage them to participate. There is a space within the website that allows customers the space to leave their own comments about the product or questions regarding it. Providing customers a space to provide their own opinion and include their own content allows them to become more involved and aid us in gaining brand awareness and make customers feel more trusting of the brand because they are including their customers in the creation of their content. Including this also allows customers to read other people’s comments and form an opinion on the product because they are more likely to be influenced by opinions from their peers opposed to information solely from the company itself.





About Page:


The content within this page once again follows the simple colour scheme and includes the logo in the same spot to remain consistent. This page is focused on images opposed to large amounts of text. There is a variation of text and images used throughout all of the pages to provide a better experience for the ereader opposed to being too much text or images, there is a good balance. The images included within this page include the founders of Emotech and the creators of Olly. This page allows the customers to see the people behind the robot, and understand a bit more about the company as well as their reasoning for creating Olly Robohub.


Contact Page:


The contact page includes an embedded map within it, allowing customers to easily locate where the Emotech headquarters are if necessary. The contact page also includes a phone number as well as an email address as forms of communication for users to the company if any concerns or comments arise and they do not simply wish to share them on the review page. One of the most important aspects of this specific page are the incorporation of the social media links near the top of the page. The logos seen in the image are buttons that link to Emotech’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages to allow customers the opportunities to experience more of the brand on other platforms that they may rather use opposed to just an email. The use of this also helps achieve brand awareness because new customers following and interacting with Emotech on social media gives us access to their followers and their followers’ followers etc. Allowing the product to reach more people.


Landing Page:


The landing page that will be linked to from social media was created in relation to a promotion involving receiving free shipping on their purchase of Olly. The whole landing page is simply dedicated to starting the persons purchasing process of the Olly Robohub. This page will aid in a conversion which will happen when the customer clicks the “continue to payment” button and proceeds with checking out and paying for their very own Olly.


The landing page is different from the website itself because it is focused solely on the customer purchasing the Olly Robohub, opposed to providing them with the same information found on the full website. The landing page is layed out in the same format with the same colours and placement of the logo as well as the inclusion of the navigation bar. All of these elements were kept the same as the full website to remain consistent. The navigation bar was kept to allow customers to go back to other pages of the website to gain more information if need or to even leave a review about the purchasing process. Although the navigation bar is kept on the landing page to allow access to the full website, there is no link in the navigation bar to reach this page because it is solely intended to be used when being linked from the social media posts as well as the banners.


PART 1 – B: Question 1

General Site Overview

Page Titles Page Overview & Intent


·       General description page defining the product and its key elements.

·       Create awareness for the brand/product

·       Provides consumers with information regarding


Set up & Support

·       Frequently asked questions providing users with insight on the product.

·       Strengthens the relationship between the brand and consumers.

·       Insight to the personality of the brand.


Customer Reviews

·       Promoting consumer activity and involvement.

·       Strengthening relationships between the consumer and the brand (consumers feel like there opinions contribute to something, as reviews are displayed on the site.

·       Allows the consumer to instill a deeper level of trust into the company/brand, as they’re open to opinions and suggestions.


About Emotech

·       Creates a human dynamic to the digital site

·       Creates accountability for the company/brand.

·       Improves consumer relations between the consumer and the brand.



·       Creates an extension for users to explore further media related to the company.

·       Further makes the business/brand accountable as a location and phone number exist on the page.