Question 3

a) My intended goal is to let my audience know who they are listening to and sell my unique information and opinions to them. By describing myself and my purpose, I allow my audience to form opinions of me, what I’m about and whether they would trust me.

I start off by introducing myself and giving some personal information because that makes me relatable. Once a reader finds an emotional connection they are more likely to continue reading. The name of my blog makes the content obvious, therefore I do not find it relevant to state that right away, but instead speak about myself first and why this blog started.

Once I begin to talk about the blog my readers can decide if the content is valuable to them. My goal is to make my content as valuable as possible, to make my readers happy. The ultimate goal is to provide my visitors with useful, relevant information that they will use and share with their friends/family/followers.


b) I am writing for my audience. I am writing for people who may struggle with makeup, skincare or beauty related things who are looking for answers. I am writing to these people because I have a passion. Just like people have beliefs or science, I have tips and tricks and real advice to give to people who need help.

I am writing to these people because they need help. However, I am also writing for people like me who just happen to be interested in stumbling across new information. When you are interested in something, you want to share it with people. Everyone wants to be a part of a conversation whether it be about beauty or something else. I am here to give my audience a place to learn and discuss and ask for help that I might be able to give them.


c) The experience I will be creating for my visitors is relief, empowerment and ultimately happiness. I want my readers to visit my site and feel relieved that something that felt so difficult doesn’t have to be. I want them to understand that not everyone needs to have exceptional skills in makeup artistry in order to use makeup and feel good about it. I want my users to come across my site with a problem and leave with a solution. I want my users to be happy and confident because everyone deserves that.

The type of experience I’m creating is like family. My visitors should feel a bond with me, with other users and with themselves after reading my posts. It may sound ludacris that people will feel fulfilled after learning a couple beauty tricks, but it isn’t. The world is a scary place, and everyone needs a place to feel safe and accepted. This is no place for judgement, this is a place for sanctuary for real people, with real concerns.

What will these experiences do for me? Well ultimately the hope is that people recognize my true intentions, believe and accept what I’m saying and stick around for more. All of these micro moments effect the future decisions people will make. My ultimate goal is to have my visitors, users, subscribers, followers and prospects join me in my journey of expressing and sharing my passion, my knowledge and my future. It is also important to obtain these user engagements in order to have a successful website. The more interactive I can be on my blog and amongst these different media platforms, the more positively it will impact the success of my sites.


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