A Great Headline

25 Things You’ll Get If You’re Trash But Also A Deep, Philosophical Thinker”

This is a great headline because it immediately caught my attention by using a number to reference a list, followed by terminology that I use daily. This headline is very witty and relevant to me because the headline itself is something that I would say or tweet about.

The promise is clear, “25 Things You’ll Get…”, and the intended use of the article is stated right away. I can relate to this article because I jokingly use the word trash to describe myself in certain situations, for example when I don’t proof read my work and lose marks for grammar and spelling errors I could describe myself as being trash. I could also describe myself as a “Deep Philosophical Thinker” because I do constantly psychoanalyze myself as well as engaging in deep thoughts about random issues, mostly at inappropriate times.

This headline resonated with me because I found it to be funny and intriguing. The content delivered on its promise by using headlines and memes about things that directly relate to my personality, lifestyle etc.

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