Headline Options

Original Headline:

“The birth control pill is killing women, but no one’s warning them of the risk”

New Headlines:

  1. “Yaz/Yasmin birth control pill responsible for over 23 deaths. Help us spread the truth about the pill.”

I used the “Before-and-after-bridge” method for this headline.

I start out immediately by attracting my audience, women taking the “Yaz/Yasmin birth control pill”. Next I state their current situation/the problem, “pill responsible for over 23 deaths” which creates fear for those who are unaware of this fact.

Lastly, the solution/call to action, “Help us spread the truth about the pill” which tells the reader that the article will inform them and help to solve and prevent this problem from reoccurring by sharing this information with others.


  1. “23 Deaths that could have been prevented if doctors didn’t omit the truth about harmful risk factors associated with Yaz/Yasmin contraceptive.”

For this version of the headline I chose to use a number to create an immediate shock factor. I want the reader to know exactly what the article is about right away because the most important snippet of information will gauge them to read more. I use fear to attract attention and motivate my readers to read further.


  1. “Drug Companies Stand by the Birth Control Pills Responsible for Blood Clots and Death. We’re Here to Warn You, Because Your Doctors Won’t.”

In this headline, I am speaking directly to my audience by using the personal pronoun “you”. I clearly state the most interesting part of the story and what the intended use of the article is. I also focus on the end goal, “We’re here to warn you, because your doctors won’t”; telling the readers what they will gain from reading the full article.


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