Digital vs. Traditional Content Development

Digital content development is different from traditional content development based on one main factor, the audience.

Traditional content development was created for the goals of the company. Any content was created for whatever the company wanted the consumer to do. For example, A company creates an advertisement saying “Buy this Toothpaste Now”; this is simply telling the consumers to do something because it benefits the company.

Digital content development is creating content specifically for the user. Now companies realize that just simply telling their consumers to do something doesn’t work. We now have to look at how it benefits the consumer and explain why they should take action. Digital content is also created to spark conversations among consumers. Companies now want their consumers to be involved by creating user generated content (UGC).

This UGC is hugely important for a company because these consumers are speaking to the reputation of the company, spreading brand awareness and advocating for their products – this means free advertising.

It’s pertinent that companies understand that digital content creation exposes them to a much more vast audience. The digital world is like a whole other dimension that can be used to their advantage if they simply put ideas out there, because someone is going to pick up on it. These days because of the volume of people in the digital world, something so simple could go viral in seconds. What this means for a brand is invaluable.


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