Following 5 Guidelines to Re-Write Content for Plain Language

  1. Write for your audience:
  • I write directly to my audience by using pronouns such as ‘you’ throughout the whole post.
  • I used common lingo that my audience will relate to and understand.


  1. Organize information logically
  • I immediately introduce myself to my audience
  • Give my audience some facts and information about me that they will likely relate to
  • I then address the how/why/what about my blog
  • Finally, I end off with two calls to action (send an email/comment & check my blog weekly for new posts)


  1. Write for action
  • Throughout the post, I use positive language and emphasis such as exclamation points to express my excitement and enthusiasm
  • I use many verbs to describe myself and what my purpose is, as well as using action verbs toward my audience to encourage them to engage with my site
  • The purpose of my post is justified by letting my audience know that they should check back weekly for new content


  1. Keep it short
  • I used mostly short sentences to keep it easy to read
  • I divided my information into very small paragraphs
  • I included a bullet list to show some key points
  • All of these elements were used to form an f-pattern to make it easy to read
  • Re-writing sentences in plain language writing


  1. Design it for reading
  • I made my post easy to scan by using short bolded sentences
  • Bullet point information
  • Adding visuals (in this case an image of myself and two images with products in them – both taken by me)
  • Small paragraphs to separate ideas
  • Writing to my reader with plain language terms that are common to my audience specifically

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