St. Clair College ADV Tweet

Virtual-RealityCurious about your future? Look no further! Enroll in the most updated digital ad program @stclaircollege to start your career #StClairADV

This tweet is 138 characters, which is longer than a favorable tweet, but the information is relevant and the use of tagging and a hashtag accounts for the extra length.

First, we have to consider the platform that we are writing for, in this case it’s Twitter. Taking the twitter provisions into consideration, I made my tweet as short as I could, but the use of tagging and a hashtag added quite a few extra characters. Although I am almost at the max character limit, the tweet would still be effective because my message is strong, and the tag and hashtag simply support my message.

Before creating the content for the message, we must define our audience. Our target audience is graduating high school students interested in enrolling in a very up to date digital advertising program.

Now that we know who we are writing to, what platform we’re writing for and why we’re writing this content, we can move on to the writing part.

Writing tweets for a brand isn’t as simple as one would think. I considered the brand persona of St. Clair and actually took a look at some of the different Twitter accounts associated with St. Clair in attempt to embody the tone and style.

I wanted to use a capturing image that is extremely relevant to the topic of the tweet, so I chose a picture of a classroom with students using virtual reality goggles. As we all know, St. Clair ADV just started incorporating VR into the curriculum last year and it has evolved even more since then. I think that this image will grab my audiences’ attention and peak interest in what this is all about. This image is very important to the success of my tweet because people retain images much faster and longer than they retain words.

Now that I have caught my readers’ attention, we move on to the text. I used a problem-agitate-solve style tweet/headline because I know that my audience has a problem and I want to give them a convincing solution.

I practiced plain language writing by using short sentences, relatable terms, a tag and a hashtag that are simple and relevant to my tweet. I wanted the tone of my tweet to be informative, but not boring and encouraging/inspiring in hopes that my readers will click on the @stclairadv tag to find out more info about the program and what it has to offer.

I also came up with a secondary tweet after the fact that takes a completely different spin on things by keeping it super short and somewhat sarcastic. This tweet embodies more of a sarcastic-humor vibe with a little dig at competing schools with advertising programs. The purpose of this tweet is more to “plant a seed” and spark a conversation between readers and even other schools. This tweet is a little riskier because the purpose is ultimately to get our readers to enroll in the program, but this tweet is just funny and might create some buzz around the St. Clair Ad program.

“@stclairadv does virtual reality…hbu? #educationdoneright”


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