PART 1 – B: Question 1

General Site Overview

Page Titles Page Overview & Intent


·       General description page defining the product and its key elements.

·       Create awareness for the brand/product

·       Provides consumers with information regarding


Set up & Support

·       Frequently asked questions providing users with insight on the product.

·       Strengthens the relationship between the brand and consumers.

·       Insight to the personality of the brand.


Customer Reviews

·       Promoting consumer activity and involvement.

·       Strengthening relationships between the consumer and the brand (consumers feel like there opinions contribute to something, as reviews are displayed on the site.

·       Allows the consumer to instill a deeper level of trust into the company/brand, as they’re open to opinions and suggestions.


About Emotech

·       Creates a human dynamic to the digital site

·       Creates accountability for the company/brand.

·       Improves consumer relations between the consumer and the brand.



·       Creates an extension for users to explore further media related to the company.

·       Further makes the business/brand accountable as a location and phone number exist on the page.




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