Part 1 – B: Questions 1-3

Home Page:


The style that was used for the designing of the website was kept simple and relatively clean in terms of being cluttered with mass amounts of text. This home page features a large image of Olly in the middle of the content to help familiarize the viewer with the product. The colour scheme of the website is kept the same the whole way through including a blue background, white foreground and simple black text. The use of bright colours was kept to a minimum because the focus is meant to be on Olly. The only bright colours used are those of the logo that is seen in the top left corner throughout every page of the site. The copy on the home page is intended to introduce the reader to Olly and what the product can do for them. There is a list utilizing bullets to help readers with scannability, and providing them with the important information about the product straight up opposed to making them search through a paragraph for it. The large image was also used to help with scannability as well as brand awareness and retention. People remember images better than just plain text. Using a large image as the focal point of the page allows readers to have something to associate Olly with when reading through the content.


Set Up & Support Page:


The background and layout of the home page was used when designing the Support page. There are no images used within this page, simply text. However, the text that this page includes utilizes large headings, bullet points, as well as the ‘“F” pattern. Images were not used throughout this page because the intent of the page was to provide information to the consumer specifically about help, hence why they would be visiting a support page. Images are not necessarily beneficial to this page, especially since the text that is used is not heavy and time consuming to read.


Customer Reviews Page:


The content of this page will be solely based off of user generated content, in the form of customer reviews. The reviews included on the page currently are intended to give users an idea of what they could potentially post within the page and encourage them to participate. There is a space within the website that allows customers the space to leave their own comments about the product or questions regarding it. Providing customers a space to provide their own opinion and include their own content allows them to become more involved and aid us in gaining brand awareness and make customers feel more trusting of the brand because they are including their customers in the creation of their content. Including this also allows customers to read other people’s comments and form an opinion on the product because they are more likely to be influenced by opinions from their peers opposed to information solely from the company itself.





About Page:


The content within this page once again follows the simple colour scheme and includes the logo in the same spot to remain consistent. This page is focused on images opposed to large amounts of text. There is a variation of text and images used throughout all of the pages to provide a better experience for the ereader opposed to being too much text or images, there is a good balance. The images included within this page include the founders of Emotech and the creators of Olly. This page allows the customers to see the people behind the robot, and understand a bit more about the company as well as their reasoning for creating Olly Robohub.


Contact Page:


The contact page includes an embedded map within it, allowing customers to easily locate where the Emotech headquarters are if necessary. The contact page also includes a phone number as well as an email address as forms of communication for users to the company if any concerns or comments arise and they do not simply wish to share them on the review page. One of the most important aspects of this specific page are the incorporation of the social media links near the top of the page. The logos seen in the image are buttons that link to Emotech’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages to allow customers the opportunities to experience more of the brand on other platforms that they may rather use opposed to just an email. The use of this also helps achieve brand awareness because new customers following and interacting with Emotech on social media gives us access to their followers and their followers’ followers etc. Allowing the product to reach more people.


Landing Page:


The landing page that will be linked to from social media was created in relation to a promotion involving receiving free shipping on their purchase of Olly. The whole landing page is simply dedicated to starting the persons purchasing process of the Olly Robohub. This page will aid in a conversion which will happen when the customer clicks the “continue to payment” button and proceeds with checking out and paying for their very own Olly.


The landing page is different from the website itself because it is focused solely on the customer purchasing the Olly Robohub, opposed to providing them with the same information found on the full website. The landing page is layed out in the same format with the same colours and placement of the logo as well as the inclusion of the navigation bar. All of these elements were kept the same as the full website to remain consistent. The navigation bar was kept to allow customers to go back to other pages of the website to gain more information if need or to even leave a review about the purchasing process. Although the navigation bar is kept on the landing page to allow access to the full website, there is no link in the navigation bar to reach this page because it is solely intended to be used when being linked from the social media posts as well as the banners.



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