Part 3.1: Banner Ad Justifications

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.04 PM.png

c. The goal for these banners is to drive individuals to our social and landing pages to discover more about what Olly is capable of. Highlighting the Idea that Olly is capable of interactions, having different comments Olly can make in the banner gives the viewers a small taste of what Olly can do and how it can benefit their lives in a positive way. This will drive them to our landing page to view more content and information on Olly.

d.We wanted to keep the tone of the message fun and to drive curiosity, this is where we decided to have Olly interact as if he/she is talking directly to you. These messages are more personal which can help drive the views to our site. Having two calls to action with a landing page and social was important, having what we believed to be the most important information at the top and bottom. What Olly we felt was an important headline because it will drive curiosity of what exactly is Olly and with our call to action at the bottom we feel they will take the curiosity from the headline and follow our calls to action.

e. Our planning process for the banners is to attract the attention and the interest of the target market. We tried to make this campaign attractive to individuals with vibrant colours and different saying inside each advertisement. This was strategically designed to draw the individuals eye to the banner and automatically know, based on the colours, that this is Olly. Using the quotes within the banner gives the audience the opportunity to see what Olly is capable of and the sorts of questions it asks personally.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.45 PM.png

c.The goal for this section of banners is to drive individuals to visit our social media page as well as our landing page to find out more about Olly. We have 4 panels that indicate that Olly is a robot; however, suggests that he is much more than just a normal robot. The last banner suggests in the individual having the robot, they feel it can be useful to them after visiting our page and decide to make the purchase of a product thats going to help make their lives easier.

d. We wanted the tone and the message for these banners to be both personable to the individuals as well as unique to capture their attention. We wanted to introduce Olly to the consumers as more than just the average robot; we wanted to show them how it works and gives individuals the option to meet Olly through this campaign. Olly is demonstrated as Artificial Intelligence; therefore, we decided to stick with the same call to action as the first campaign which was to create a consistent flow and a pattern that people will automatically recognize as soon as they see these advertisement, and know that it is Olly the robot.

e. Our thought process while designing these banners was the same as with the first set of banners with the vibrant colours to attract the attention of the individuals. We’ve kept this colour schema identical in each banner so that out target market knows what the company is without having to read anything on the advertisement; they know it is Olly just by seeing the colours on the banners. We also wanted to try and influence the individuals and our demographic by letting them know that Olly is not just another robot, it has features like nothing they have ever seen before as well as being personalized that is is going to be their new favourite robot. This creates curiosity for the viewers what wanting to know who Olly is and what it can do for them in their everyday lives.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.36 PM.png

c. The goal for the third section is to still to drive individuals to our social and landing page on our site to find more about Olly. With the campaign of “What Will You Ask?“; We feel that it will once again drive curiosity to our audience to think “What can I ask?“ which will then lead them to researching and discovering more about what Olly is experienced with. We want to keep this short with content to have the audience searching for more.

d. Throughout this campaign, we decided that we wanted the tone/message to be more fun and still unique similarly like the others; however, also keeping it simplistic and professional. Each banner asks the same question to leave the individuals wondering what kind of questions they are able to ask Olly, but is displayed on different colours. We wanted them to think positively when seeing these banners, which is why we continued with the same colours and added bubbles for texture.

e. During this campaign, our thought process was simple; what would you ask Olly? These banners were intended to drive curiosity from our target market and individuals who are possibly viewing these banners for the first time and don’t know what this is advertising. It leaves them wanting to know more and keeping them on edge continuously thinking about who they are and remembering the colours and patterns. Asking the question “What Will You Ask” opens up the possibility for consumers to ask any question they want to know and leaves it to Olly to answer it for them, demonstrating what it does and how intelligent they are.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.37.58 PM.png

c. Our goal for this last section of campaigns was to drive our audience to our social media pages and our website to subscribe and or purchase Olly. “Find Yours” is what we hope will attract and steer our audience to visit our page to make the final purchase and finally take home their own custom Olly.

d. Within this final campaign, we wanted to create a tone and message that is amusing, playful, fun and even more unique than all the other campaigns for our demographic. Since it is the last campaign, we wanted to make our target market and the individuals who have been researching, following and interested in Olly from the very start of the first campaign. They would understand the amusement in the campaign since that’s how it was from the beginning. Creating texture again with these banners, similarly as with the third campaign; however, making it more powerful and focusing more on the product to be purchased since consumers should already be aware of what this robot is capable of and the many possibilities Olly can do for them.

e. While designing this final campaign, we wanted the banners to be the most fun and appealing to the eye as possible since it is the last one. We incorporated “Find Yours” within the campaign to advise the consumers to get their Olly as soon as they can so they can start enjoying its artificial intelligence now; to make it personalized to themselves and eventually making it become a-custom to their everyday patterns and things they do.  At this time with the last campaign, our consumers would be at the purchasing point of the stage; therefore, we are telling them to find theirs. Since the first two campaigned had information and text about what Olly is and what it can potentially do, we have slowly removed the information regarding what Olly is in hopes that target market knows what Olly is at this point and is willing to purchase one.


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