Part 3.2: Creative Content

Rich Media Ads

  1. Promotion

We decided to promote this through Instagram because it is our smallest followed social media platform. The plan for this ad is to have individuals repost and tag us to track those who are active in the promotion. Having them repost allows their followers to see our post and gain interest in our promotion to participate. After reposting, the individual is to go check out and subscribe to our list to get the latest updates on Olly’s progress. Having them visit our website will hopefully have interested them in reading through information and learn more to build future interest to buy the product.

Our Goal is to gain more followers through Instagram and drive more users to our sites to subscribe as well as to stay updated with Olly and send them future offers on the product to get them one step closer to purchasing.

While planning this promotion, many factors came into effect, we wanted something that would not only help drive individuals to our website, but we also wanted something that would promote our new social media (Instagram). The promotion of a paid trip to Orlando, Florida to meet Olly became an idea due to the cost. Olly will be at BlueTooth World regardless and with the team traveling there and adding two winners would be considered a business write off. A trip to anywhere is always a treat; however, finding a way to make this benefit us was important. As Instagram was our weakest follower base, we needed to improve this, although we would possibly have more interest if this were posted on our Facebook page Instagram will give us what’s needed. Having Individuals repost our posts will allow us to expand to a market we currently didn’t have and let people see Olly for the first time. The post doesn’t say anything about what Olly can do because we want people to be curious about why they would want to meet Olly in the first place. This will drive them to our site to answer the curiosity they now have to discover what Olly is, as they’re already on our site and have followed the first two steps it’s now easy for them to complete all three stages.

We predict with this promotion to raise our Instagram follows up by 30% we believe this because our followers on Instagram is a moderate amount and with many who will not be interested. We believe the views who do share this post will most commonly have individuals on their social media who share the same interests. This is why we feel 30% is a realistic number. We expect 20% Follow through to our site and 13% to sign up and fully participate in our promo. These figures are extremely low but being a new company, many have not heard of Olly, and with other products out there, individuals may feel that what Olly offers is nothing special.  As competitors are in the marketplace now, and sellable product we know we’ve lost a part of our market.



Want to win a chance to see Olly in action in Orlando, Florida at the 2017 Bluetooth World Convention?

Of Course you do. It’s simple just follow these steps:

  1. Share one of Olly’s post & Tag us
  2. Check us out @
  3. Subscribe

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 4.43.07 PM.png

That’s all it takes to enter for an all-expenses paid trip to meet Olly.


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