Assignment 4 – Visuals

  1. Creating a Visual Post


Topic: Beauty Tools

Headline: LuMee – A Tool to Help You Take the Best Selfies!


Main Feature Image:

Secondary Images – product pictures:

Content: Product features, How to use, Where to buy, Costs, Review, Links


The Blog Post:  The full blog post is on separate pages: 3, 4.


LuMee – A Tool to Help You Take the Best Selfies!

The LuMee Case is an absolute must-have beauty tool to help you improve the quality of your selfies!

How Will you SELFIE


This is the original LuMee case that I purchased for my iPhone 6s.

 I am a makeup artist and beauty enthusiast so of course once I heard about this case to improve selfie quality I had to have it. I hadn’t heard too much about it when I made the purchase, it was more of an impulse buy, but definitely not a regret!

This case helps to make the lighting better in any situation, but especially at night, or in ambience lighting situations such as restaurants and clubs.

Most phone camera quality isn’t good enough to produce well-lit pictures in darker environments. The LuMee light provides soft-bright lighting without you having to use a flash that will completely wash you out.

For any makeup lovers like me, you know how important it is to take quality photos! I definitely recommend this beauty tool to anyone who wants to start taking better selfies.

Listed below are more product details if you’re interested. I have also included a link to their website so that you can check it out for yourself.

Product Features

  • Front selfie light – with dimmer option
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Snug, protectant phone case

How to Use:

  • Simple on/off button on the back of the case
  • To dim the light just hold the button down until desired lighting
  • Simply plug it in to charge (doesn’t need to be charged often)

Where to Buy:

  • The LuMee is also sold in other retailers and on Amazon

Costs: $39-$69+tax (Depends on which case you want, because there are 2 other types of LuMee cases now available)

Case Options:

  • LuMee Original
  • LuMee Two
  • LuMee Duo (front and back light)

The cases are compatible with all iPhone 5 – 7s and Galaxy 6-7.

Also, check out the new LuMee Duo which has a backlight as well:

Hope you enjoyed this product review

Until next time,




  1. Creating a Visual Post – Reasons and Justifications

Value Proposition: Beauty Tips ‘n Tricks provides beauty hacks to help you improve your beauty product experience, learn new tricks and relieve frustration.

  1. Why I Chose These Images:

The main feature image I chose to use is a picture of myself using the LuMee Case to show how much light the LuMee can provide. This allows the product to speak for itself first, without me having to explain anything. Readers are more likely to see this visual and understand what the purpose of the product is just by looking at it. This visual is the main attraction and is used to peak interest to read the rest of the blog post where they can find more specific details.

The secondary images I chose are product photos in daylight, no light, the back of the case and the logo. These images I wanted to use to showcase the product itself: how it looks on the phone, how it looks in daylight and in no lighting (with the LuMee light on), and what the back of the case looks like because most of us beauty enthusiasts care what our phone cases look like. You can also tell in these images that it is not a cheap, flimsy phone case, it is a thick protective case which offers even more value.


2. Why These Images are Beneficial to the Post:

These images are beneficial to the post because they speak my message before I even say it. The main image backs up the entire purpose of the blog post because it shows the product feature in use and how it will help anyone take a better selfie.

The product images are beneficial to the post because it shows the readers exactly what they’re getting. Right away they can see exactly how the product looks, how it works and the quality of the product. Since people digest visuals much faster than words it’s beneficial to showcase a product by using images first. These images will leave an impression and allow the reader to decide if they want to read about details after.

  1. Why Visuals are Important to Web Content
  1. Visuals Increase Audience Engagement

Visuals are more appealing to the human eye. A picture can speak a thousand words without actually saying anything. Images can evoke emotions by simply looking at it for seconds. Humans tend to scan for images rather than text because it’s easier to comprehend. Using visuals increases the value of the rest of the content and will likely lead to user engagement. Consumers are more likely to engage with a picture or visual image than text content because they can process the information much faster and it takes a lot less effort than reading.

  1. Visuals Increase Information Retention

Visuals are easier to remember than text. If the information is presented in a visually appealing way such as an infographic, the reader is much more likely to retain that information rather than if they read a paragraph. People don’t want to use their own imagination, so providing information visually allows them to think less while retaining more.

  1. Humans process and digest visuals exponentially faster than text

Humans automatically scan for visual information because the human brain processes visuals faster. In fact, the majority of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Using visuals is clearly the fastest way to get your point across in any situation.

Of course, with any of these elements we have to make sure that the visuals are absolutely relevant to the topic. It’s also important to make sure that the visuals are clear because most images can be interpreted very differently based on the reader, the headline or the context of the article.

  1. Providing Three Recommendations to St. Clair College to Improve the Current Website
  1. Mobile Responsiveness

The St. Clair College website isn’t exactly mobile responsive. Visiting the website from a mobile device simply shrinks the entire website. It is hard to read because the text is so tiny. Anyone would have to zoom in to see things clearer or read the page content. Images on the page are small and hard to see as well as the videos. The videos pop up slightly larger, however it doesn’t format to fit the size of the phone screen so it could definitely be optimized to make it easier to watch on a mobile device.

Mobile responsiveness of a website is extremely important to a business especially because Google is implementing a new algorithm which will index mobile-first. I understand that the website can be fully viewed on a mobile device, but the size isn’t optimized, it’s just squished down to fit the page.

Being optimized on mobile devices is important for potential students because that is where most of their searches come from. Most potential students are constantly on the go and use mobile devices exponentially more often for searching rather than a desktop or laptop.

At this point if I searched on my phone and got this result I would just exit and decide later if I would re-visit the site from a desktop because I wouldn’t be bothered to zoom in, in order to view things.

  1. Visual Vomit

St. Clair’s website has a lot of slider visuals, images, videos, logos everywhere. In my opinion the website is too busy. I can’t focus on one thing because there is so much going on, on one page. The home page is the worst because from top to bottom there is visuals everywhere and it’s very distracting from the content. I think St. Clair needs to focus on 1-2 main visual elements, and then try to incorporate the rest amongst the other pages.

As for incoming or prospect students, it doesn’t just stand out to apply for a program because there’s too much else going on, so I think St. Clair’s main visual on the homepage should include something about where or why students should apply to St. Clair and give them a really simple link to the list of programs.

  1. Attention Span

As an extension from the previous recommendation, it is known that humans in general have very short attention spans, especially when it’s regarding digital.

The website is so busy that when people are looking at it they don’t know what to pay attention to and likely exit off the page. I think that if St. Clair made their website more clean on each page that it would be more appealing and people wouldn’t lose interest as quickly.